TheDadsnet offers fully integrated, multi-platform campaigns based on genuine and trusted content to cut through the noise of a crowded market. 

Partnership Overview

A partnership creates awareness of your offering within a crowded market, predominantly targeting dads with children under the age of 12. 

Throughout the partnership, we’ll align your products as high;y relevant, providing meaning and context to our audience. 

We’ll build trust and credibility within our community and connect you to everyday dads. We will amplify this with our micro influencer program through experience, conversations and peer to peer recommendations. 

The Dadsnet endorsement from everyday dads and influencers will increase brand awareness, advocacy, brand sentiment, and brand reputation. 

Partnership research

Having one of the UK’s largest pools of dads, we have the unique ability to uncover honest, useful and actionable insight to inform our partnership’s details to maxmise impact. 

The results from our surveys can also generate newsworthy stories, which, subject to approval, can be used for PR / press opportunities. 

Our Website

High Impact Website Take-Overs

Branded Editorial

Either written by our in-house team of writers, our external network of bloggers or yourselves, we can publish engaging articles. 

Display Advertising

Standard positioning, bespoke solutions, mid-content ads, category take-overs. 


Access our growing forum, sponsor a post or thread, use it for research. 


Advertise in our weekly mailer, monthly newsletter or take over the whole list dedicated to you and your brand.  


Run a giveaway hosted on our website and/or social media channels. 

Our Local Dad Communities

Community Manager

You’ll work closely with our newly appointed, dedicated, Community Manager to refine your partnership

75+ Communities

Over the last 12 months, we’ve grown and developed over 75+ local dad communities throughout the UK and beyond. 

Display Your Logo

Each local community will display your logo on the group banner. 


Share offers, post content, ask questions, crowd source. 


Headline Sponsorship

Be our headline sponsor for the UK’s only convention for Dads. Sit your sponsorship across both north & south conventions. 

Sponsor a Speaker / Room

Send a speaker to deliver a key message or have a dedicated room, just for you. 

Visual Exposure

We can display your logo on all event literature, event branding, the website and all comms. 

Your Convention

Launch a product, run a giveaway, survey, collect data, create content… we provide the dads and you can use them as you wish. 

North & South

The only criticism we’ve received is that we don’t run DadCon in the North of England, but with your support, we plan to make that happen. 

The Dadsnet Approved

Peer to Peer Recommendations

Peer to peer recommendations with authentic and trusted feedback builds brand sentiment & loyalty. 


This is a hugely credible way of building trust around your brand. 

Real Dads

We put your product into the hands of real dads to test out and feedback. 


You’ll demonstrate a security in the knowledge that real people use this product & would recommend it.


75% of testers need to recommend your product to get The Dadsnet Approved badge. We do not charge an additional fee to use the badge on your marketing. 

Dad Collective

Our Micro Influencer Program

We have a talent pool of high-quality Dad Influencers to use for creating bespoke, engaging campaigns for each client we work with. 

Content Options

Activity from our micro influencers could include: 

  • Instagram posts on squares
  • Instagram Stories
  • Blog posts
  • Social posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest where available. 

All content created will be enhanced & supported on The Dadsnet social channels. 


We do the heavy lifting for you: 

  • We source & vet each influencer on the program. 
  • We liaise with the influencer on questions so you’re only having 1 conversation with us, rather than multiple conversations. 
  • We can check & approve content before it reaches you optimising your time. 
  • We gather stats & report back to you after the campaign. 

A Wide Reach

Across all our micro influencers, the reach is up to 50,000. but with just 1 point of contact for you. 

A great, efficient way for you to work 🙂 

The Dadsnet Awards


TheDadsnet Awards celebrate the very best products on the market. All products are tested solely by dads. 

Baby & Toddler

Our baby & Toddler awards have been running for 4 years and grown each year. From baby monitors to pushchairs to clothing to travel cots, we test, score and celebrate. 

Toy Awards

New for 2019, we’re celebrating the very best baby & toddler toys on the market. 

Why Enter?

  • Winners will get editorial coverage on The Dadsnet website. 
  • A click-to-buy link for all the winners. 
  • Multi-platform social media promotion for all the winners.
  • Shortlisted toys will be judged by over 30 dads, dad influencers and toy experts. 
  • Digital, unique award badge for winners which you’re free to use as you wish. 


Our awards are just £125+VAT to enter and we only require ONE sample for testing. 

Dad Chat

Chat Show

Dad Chat is our hugely popular chat show aimed at dads. Think Wayne’s World meets Loose Women. 

Hosted by Dadsnet Founder Al & ex-BBC Radio 1 DJ, Jason King.  


Sponsor a whole season with unique and bespoke features in each episode and your logo displayed in the idents throughout. 

You can be part of the content creation or benefit from our in-house creative team. 


You can sponsor one-off episodes rather than entire seasons or we can create bespoke, extra episodes to meet your brief & requirements. 


  • No topics off limits
  • Interviews
  • Unboxings
  • Reviews
  • Comedy sketches
  • Guest vloggers
  • Giveaways

Social Media

Social Content

We’ll create optimised content for our social media platforms and guarantee a set number of views / reach per post. 

Twitter Parties

We’ll host & invite others to join a Twitter party or discussion on your behalf. 


We can run a survey throughout our groups, pages & profiles. We guarantee a minimum response of 1000 dads. 


  • No topics off limits
  • Interviews
  • Unboxings
  • Reviews
  • Comedy sketches
  • Guest vloggers
  • Giveaways



We will provide detailed monthly reports on each area of the campaign partnership. These reports will inform the next phase of the campaign to make any amendments in order to maximise results. 

Once the partnership has come to an end, we will run a survey to measure success against key objectives: awareness, brand sentiment, purchase consideration and recommendation. 

Get in touch to enquire about pricing